Sunday, 12 August 2012

Week 2

Well, week 2 here in Delhi consisted of many things.


2 days ago Indiana was hospitalized.

All of sudden she just went into attacks of screaming.

She is such a happy little baby, very full of personality, very viabrant and so this was not right.

We took her to the closest hospital to the hotel, which is Max Hospital.

She was rushed into the NICU and was swamped by doctors and nurses.

The care at the hospital is just amazing.

She has had plenty of tests done and is on a course of antibiotics via IV.

She is reacting well, but she needs to remain in the NICU for at least 7 days.

We visit her each day.  When we do, she appears wiped out. It takes a lot out of her to try to keep her eyes open to see us when we visit her.


She is goung well.

She s putting on weight, which is great.

She is finally getting the hang of feeding - yes, Scarlet, if you actually stay awake you can get more milk!

She has adapted well to her routine and in the last couple of days really started opening her eyes and loving taking in the world around her.


She is the one that loves sleep. D

"Daddy, I want my bottle" then put me back to bed NOW!!

She also loves the routine and is very happy waking only to feed.

She feeds very well and is taking 90mls per feed, which is just great.

She loves making noises with her mouth and has a very funny little personality.

Sharing a womb

Annabella and Scarlet are just so funny when it comes to changing a nappy, having a bath or sleeping.

They both stick their legs out and stretch like a little starfish they stay starfish styled for ages as if they can't believe that they don' t have to share anymore room and they love the fact they can have as much space and free movement as they require.

Exit Progress

All DNA matching has been done and passport applications are being lodged tomorrow.

Then all that is left is to go to FRRO to gain exit visas, then hoping to depart midnight on Thursday evening.

This will all depend on Indiana, of course, and hoping that she will be released on Wednesday.

That's about all from India ATM.


Daddy, Dad and the 3 princesses.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

1 Week Bithday!

Yesterday was our 3 little princess's 1 week old birthday!

We brought Indiana home last Saturday! She was a little unsettled the first night, as she had new surroundings and new people to smell. By day number 2 she was in the full swing of our routine. I had been referred this routine by many people, most that have multiples.  The book from which the routine comes is called "Save my Sleep" by Tizzy Hall. This is the that bible every parent should have. Indiana loves cuddles and kisses and is a very settled happy baby. I am very strict with her routine, as you have to be when you have 3 babies and I am hoping it will be just as easy to place Scarlet and Annabella on it too. Indiana has been to have her DNA tested yesterday. She has had her passport photos taken (not that she was interested in having her eyes open at all). The process to make Indiana an Australian Citizen is under way.

Annabella and Scarlet

Today our 2 little princess's in hospital, Scarlet and Annabella, have finally been taken off feeding tubes after 7 days and are on bottle feeds. They are both going strong and looking very healthy. We are so grateful to the wonderful care being given to our little princess's by Dr G and his amazing nurses at Eden Hospital! I cannot wait to have all 3 of our beautiful girls at home and also to start their citzenship process also.

 Power Outages

The power outages have been very interesting and are really affecting many things and many people here in India.  It is the biggest power outage in the history of the world (according to the Times of India, which is believable, because India holds some many records for the biggest in the world because of its vastness and massive population). The metro train has been affected and so the roads have been very full and there is more chaos then normal. Most larger places such as hotels, hospitals and big businesses have generators, so the power only goes out for about a minute or so. It is so good to see there is always a backup plan in place.

Our Hotel

We are staying at the Svelte Apartments in Saket. We have a 2 bedroom apartment with a big living room, mid-size kitchen and a dining room that we have converted into a baby bath and changing station. So many other couples from many different countries are here too for the birth of their children. It is a real insight and socialable to be surrouded by many of us in the same situation sharing our stories and enjoying good company.


We met another woman that had twins. They have been "roomies" with Scarlet and Annabella for the last few days. She is a local and she and her family requested that we attend there house for tea last night. They live in this amazing big masion. Their family has 12 businesses globally, a private jet, many maids, cooks, nannies, drivers and gardeners just to name a few. They put on a beautfiul traditional Indian tea - it was wonderful, many dishes with many different amazing stories behind each dish. They we such amazing people, so warm and welcoming. We even each left with a wonderful gift. It is amazing how India is so diverse, different religons, different social classes, different states, unique foods depending on what city you are in. The one thing that is consistent is the genouristy of India's people. We are so greatful to India for the wonderful gift of life this country and its amazing people has given us. We are so blessed and will always have a very strong connection with this amazing birth place of our 3 little princess's, " India ".