Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Packing for India.....


Today like most days lately has been very busy, I have been packing all night. We have still no call from India which is great, surrogate carrying the twins is finally out of hospital, she is now 33 weeks and 1 day, Our singleton is going along very smoothly at 36 weeks and 3 days. Packing has been a night mare not going to try to hide it nor try to tell you how easy it was YES after nearly 7 years of flying and living out of a suitcase I still 1) over pack, 2) still can't pack quickly, 3) must always lay everything out and talk to myself, 4) fold everything perfectly neat as I am pretty anal about everything in my life. A phone call to my mum stopped me from having a complete meltdown.

The Plan

If our twins don't turn up early my mum and I will fly out monday, as this sunday the singleton is 37 weeks. My partner and my sister will be flying out via Hong Kong also on monday night which will be very fun as they are planning to go out and sight see in Hong Kong the joys of a nice long stop over! My mum and I will be flying via Singapore at this stage to get there first and set everything up and get my organisational hat out to play, looking forward to being back in Delhi.

The Mini Holiday

If the children don't come in the next week or so for us it is not such an issue, we are glad to have a little mini holiday as this has been a very one emotional journey for us. Our last holiday was 2 years ago so be nice to see some more and bond with the magical country thats is giving us the most beautiful gift anyone could ever give to another human.

Something Funny

It is going to be very interesting to see my mum and I in India together for god knows how long, I love her so much but we are the exactly the same person, Both bossy, Both demanding, Both know everything, Our way is always the right way, Both hating being wrong ( which we never are!) Watch out India there is going to be some great entertainment coming your way very shortly.

Something to think about

We all get so caught up in our journey, the stresses, the highs and the lows but it's so easy to forget that this journey is not only affecting our lives it also touches so many other peoples lives, family, close, friends, people in other countries like our beautiful surrogate, her family and children. It feels so amazing being apart of this journey and sharing this experience with so many others. My mum and my sister are just beside themselves they have been with us through the whole process I don't know what we would done with out them both, its just so great to have so much support as on this journey you can never have enough!

I'm leaving you with some of my more stressful moments of packing!!!


  1. What is all that stuff???!!! I hope you made a list for me - I'm gonna need it!

  2. I think your closing thoughts about enjoying the journey and realizing how it affects everyone around you is so important. About the packing, don't worry too much. You'll be able to get anything you forgot in Delhi, and babies don't need too much! In case it helps, here is my Delhi list of things that are available and where:

  3. Don´t bring to much. You can buy all things you need here exept very small outfits.

    Hope everything goes well and that the babies decieds to stay for some more days.

    Good luck!

  4. Don't stress about packing because there will be much else to worry about once the babies arrive...and like everyone said, you can get it all in Delhi. Good luck!


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