Thursday, 26 July 2012


Introducing our 3 little princess........

Annabella Claire Blake-Graham

Birth Weight is 1.76 Kgs
Time of Birth is 8:07 PM

Scarlet Jessica Blake-Graham

Birth Weight is 1.86 Kgs
Time of Birth is 8:08 PM

Indiana Martine Blake-Graham

Birth Weight is 3.200 Kgs
Time of Birth is 9:13 PM

All born in Eden Hospital, New Delhi India 24th of July 2012
Today day was the day also Dad ( Being Richard ) and Jessica (Being Aunty), got to finally meet their 3 little princess's final after there 52 hr trip to get here! Never seen Richard smile so much and Aunty would let Indiana go, She comes home tomorrow. Scarlet and Annabella are still on feeding tube but very healthy and going very well and should be on bottles with in a few days and then we can finally bring them home to! Love you my little princess's X


  1. Gorgeous names, you boys must be absolutely over the moon. At least you get a little practice in with Indiana before you have triple the fun !!

  2. Lovely names and born on my birthday !!!

  3. Just wonderful! Congratulations to you. We can't wait to see pictures.

  4. OMG thats wonderful!!!!! Congratulations. Looking forward to seeing some photos of your daughters. Best wishes :)

  5. Wow 3 little exciting! Congratulations guys!!


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