Monday, 23 July 2012

Hi From Singapore

Just a quick update.....


Twins- 34 weeks today, our beautiful surrogate has been admitted to hospital, having contractions and on meds again to delay labour, apparently we are looking at next week delivery everyday counts! Surrogate will be remaining in hospital until birth.

Singleton- 37 weeks 2 days, Still very smooth sailing for our beautiful surrogate, hoping we can take the singleton as far as we can to have all children born on the same day.

Daddy and Grandma

Currently on route to Delhi, Delayed in Singapore for about 2 hours just can't wait to get there and tuck ourselves in for a nice sleep, daddy being a flight attendant himself doesn't travel well as passenger all the small things such as having to line up no priority really gets to him! grandma is very excited and just can't wait to finally meet you all! ( she may also be driving daddy CRAZY just slightly )

Dad and Aunty

Currently on a flight to Hong Kong due to land there in 5 hours time, followed by a stop over then arriving in Delhi in the evening! Aunty is also very excited and very emotional about meeting you!

Can't believe we are finally going to meet after such an emotional journey that feels like for ever! we are all ready and waiting for you! Can't wait to hold you in our arms our beautiful little angels!


  1. I can't read any thing because of the lack of color contrast :-(

  2. Got to click on web version down the bottom! :)

  3. I'm so glad the twins are at 34 weeks.


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