Saturday, 23 June 2012

Our Beautiful Babies

Here are some 4D images of our 3 beautiful babies, can't wait to have you in our arms. 

                                           Twin 1                                                                            Twin 2


The House!

We have moved to a beautiful family home in Claremont it's a japanese inspired house 200 metres to the river and 5 mins to the beach front, here are some pictures of our new house! 

The News

Wow again time has just passed us by so quickly so much has been happening moved house, buying furniture, setting up the nursery, I am still flying full time and we have had a very emotional last few weeks. The hardest part of this journey for us is feeling so far away! Surrogate mother no 1# carrying our singleton (33 weeks) is going very well it seems to be very smooth sailing in her pregnancy it has been been the monthly scan updates saying it is all A Okay with is wonderful. Our surrogate no 2# carrying our twins has had quiet a rough ride the poor thing. Was hospitalised a month ago with just a routine UTI then released 6 days later then was hospitalised again 8 days ago with abdominal pain then a day later turned into mild contractions our twins are only currently 29 weeks and 5 days, they have given her medications to delay the contractions. She is still admitted to hospital receiving mild contractions. Our prayers are they our little twins can stay in put for just a few more weeks and make it 32 weeks. Being the planned and organised freak that I am all visas are done, bag for the babies are packed and ready to go full of at least 90 jump suits ( I know I can't help myself, I need help!), All items for children have been bought just awaiting the custom made black and white cots sets to arrive will post pictures when its all done, travel agent on standby, mother who will be flying out with me on standby, hotel organised, work understood I may leave to leave at a moments notice. Fingers crossed we can get to that 32 week mark!