Wednesday, 8 February 2012

1 over and 2 under

Well quite a lot has happened in the last time since I have blogged. Our surrogate mother #1 is 13 weeks and 6 days pregnant. Still carrying a very healthy singleton. Our surrogate mother #2 is still carrying the twins. Both seem to having strong little heartbeats. They are 10 weeks and 6 days. It feels like a huge achievement to make it this far. It also feels like, as a couple, the emotional roller coast of emotions you go through brings your relationship and bond so much stronger and closer. With 1 over 12 weeks and 2 just under, we hope to have the great news soon that all of them are in the green zone. Then finally we can tell everyone. Being a flight attendant for years, we love to share our life stories with everyone and anyone and to have to go through this process without telling any of them - you have no idea how hard it has been. Because the nature of our work is 24/7, departures around the clock, no public holidays, no weekends. The other cabin crew become your close friends and really like your family. You spend more time in the air and away with them than with your own family. So we are very much looking forward to telling them all. I just arrived back from Cocos Islands the other day. We spend 4 days up there in paradise, swimming, tanning and one too many glasses of wines and relaxing with crew. I have put up  some pictures I thought you might like to see.