Saturday, 3 December 2011

Results of cycle 2

So last night we heard from our clinic....... One of our beautiful surrogates was negative to being pregnant and our other beautiful surrogate is pregnant with a BHCG level of 677. It is a very happy day for us, but as our agreed decision for having children was to have each a biological child this was a day also full of mixed emotions. We have asked our clinic to use our frozen embryos of the genetic material that wasn't successful for another transfer ASAP. These embryos will be implanted within 2 weeks. It's not about my child and his child, but providing a child (or children, if there is a multiple birth) with each of our genetic material to this earth that you will raise to the best of your ability to provide every opportunity so they can shape the way of the world, it is also the symbol of leaving behind something when you depart from your short time on this earth.  Next scan is next week.... and we should receive a date in the next week or so in relation to the next embryo transfer.