Thursday, 10 November 2011

Welcome to Delhi

22nd September 2011

We are departing Perth at 355pm and it was a great surprise to have my sister and my mum come to drop us off at the airport, our flight takes us via Singapore on our way to Delhi it's a 5hr 20 mins to Singapore then 4 hour stop over then onwards bound to Delhi arriving at 530 am local time..... We both very excited I am a little emotional about the whole thing, but Richard seems very strong yet happy, The process has happen all so quickly and we have had heaps of high and lows to get to this point but we are a very strong team and this has shown us, together we can stay focused and make all things happen.

23rd September 2011

 Wow the flight was a long one. We were sitting at the gate for Delhi we were the one of only a few westerns in the whole lounge of 400 people, until just before boarding these 2 same sex western couple asked if they could sit next to us, we got talking to them and they are going through the same process as us with the same clinic, We couldn't believe it, so had a good chat with them and have swapped numbers so we may catch up with them if we get a chance. We arrived into Delhi at 530am. The drive was crazy, on a 3 lane road there is about 6 or 7 lanes of traffic consisting of trucks, bus, cars, toot toots, motor bikes, bicycles, random people walking on the road and just a few cows or two, So on our way to our hotel, because of a cow the driver had to slam on the breaks and a  few cars as the drivers like to say  "gave us a kiss in the back " the kiss lead to not being able to open the boot, And having to try an pull our suitcases out of the back of the car through the seats. Our driver is a very lovely man, we have have our a driver for the whole time we are here, It only cost about 40 Dollars a day. Our hotel the Taj Place is amazing, Looks like a royal castle, The service is just amazing. We met with our doctor at the clinic, she is an amazing women, we both are very excited and she answered any remain questions we had. Our egg donor is getting her collection surgery on Monday. We have also received the surrogate mothers profiles and will meet them in the next few days.  It's has been a very emotional day and we both are so excited.

24th  September 2011

We have a day off appointments re : the clinic stuff so we went out exploring. We visited a beautiful old fort call "red fort " it was in old Delhi, there is 4 parts of Delhi, Our hotel is in south Delhi, New Delhi is very clean no beggars, no rubbish but women still walk around carrying things on there head in beautiful saris on. Old Delhi where we were today is full of old buildings looking like they are about to fall down! There was a few beggars at 1 intersection that we stopped at but I already had the doors locked, windows up!  We arrived there in old Delhi the driver parked cross the road, we then had cross whole 4 lanes of traffic that's actually 12 LANES! I almost cried with fear.  After getting through 2 security check points ( they are every where) and getting a pat down ( they follow) we saw the history in this beautiful place there was 6 or so building all beautiful lawns and gardens surrounding them, very historical facts in some of the buildings it was great, How ever being like the only 2 western people every where you went people we staring at us. Could have been because we were wearing short all the men here wear long pants, shirt tucked in, belt. After crossing the crazy  road again we went to Gandhi memorial , the story behind it is very interesting a movie has been made about him such an inspirational man! You had to take your shoes of and walk on hot concrete it almost fried my feet. Our final stop of the day was the national museum, so many beautiful ancient artifacts, but after a while a stone is a stone ??? There is only so many stones you can look at!. We got home to rest finally, and to eat something and I order a beautiful curry and they presented it with a beautiful salad and a green bean ( so I thought) I ate it all at once, It was not a chili Aussie style I mean chili chili Indian style my sinus and mouth is still burning ,5 hours later.We already for the next stage of egg collection tomorrow, we have to be at the clinic at 500pm.

25th September 2011

More sight seeing, President house, India gate these are both right near each other have very traditional Indian architecture, khan markets know as literally the David Jones of India, not so sure about that. South extension part one another shopping place but we were the only westerners there we had to wait 15 mins for our driver everyone was staring at us, an old bus would pull up not even stopping and people old through to young would jump off and on before it would just keep driving the bus was so packed that one side of the bus would be lower then the other. Our last sight seeing stop was humayun's tomb was built by his wife when he died it was built to replicate the Taj Mahala it was so beautiful got some amazing pictures, Then we had to donate some more you know....At the clinic, followed by finally signing all the contracts for the surrogate mothers with clinic lawyer.... We actually got to meet the surrogate mothers it was so unreal to be standing there face to face we had an interpret as they can't speak English but we let them know how special they both are to us and so thankful for what they were doing for us ... My surrogate is 23 and my partners surrogate is 22 both were a little shy, but are such amazing women for attempting to help us create a family. We also heard from our Doctor before this meeting and our egg donor had her collection we have 15 eggs, so hopefully we will have some to freeze. We are awaiting conformation from our Doctor as to the grade, how many will be put it, and if we have enough to freeze... Been quite an emotional end to the day we both feel so lucky.

26th September 2011

We spent the most of the day at Swaminarayan akshardham it is a huge unique complex set on over 100 acres of immaculate gardens heaps of buildings a huge temple it had a boat ride, wishing wells ( you can guess what I wished for ) it is made of stone very beautiful so much detail, you cant take a camera as it's a sacred site. This temple is one of the most famous temple with huge history how this little boy at 11 years of age left and travelled 12000 kms by foot no shoes and believed that god will protect him, this experience as well as Delhi has taught me how lucky not only I am but we all are, family and friends is the only thing you need in your life, we have our health, an amazing country, good jobs at times we all take things to seriously or get stressed about the small things in life, we really need to take the time and look at all the good opportunity we have had. I was so glad we have gone on this journey,  It has give us plenty of inner piece and taught us you are your own rock, you have a  hammer, and your own chisel to design and carve your own true I thought. On the other hand here in Delhi I have saw some very sad things. These experience happen in our lives to teach us lessons that we learn from, We then had to go to the clinic we only have one more time on Thursday then off we fly to Singapore on Friday, Still awaiting here from Doctor re: next step.

28th September 2011

We have just received an email for our dr at the clinic and it's very exciting day as the embryos transfer is meant to be happening today, we ended up with 11 embryos made up of both some with my partners genetics and some with mine. It's common to lose eggs throughout the process. This process today is implanting these embryos into my partners surrogate and my surrogate mothers. It will take 14 days to find out if it has been successful, this test will only give a positive or negative reading to being pregnant. This day marks a special day in our journey as not only is it all happening today but it's on such a special day, for my mother because it's her birthday.... couldn't be anymore perfect...biggest happy birthday mum... please all keep our hopes in your thoughts and prayers.

29th September 2011

It's our last night here in Delhi we have a flight tomorrow morning to Singapore where will be be for the next 4 days, We had to give our last sample today, we just waiting on the report of embryo transfer which happened yesterday, We should receive it late tonight or early tomorrow..... My partner has done lots of sums to work out all the possibilities, all the percentages but I keep telling him it's all going to happen as it is meant to be.... Keep everything crossed for us.

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