Friday, 18 November 2011

The night before step 1

So its the night before step 1 of our second cycle........ Our beautiful ED's are having their operation tomorrow, I am getting all of the nerves back it's all here again and I thought it might have been a little different this time seen how we didn't go to India again. The typical worries we all have gone through in this step of our journeys to become parents, how many eggs ? the quality? how many embryos will we get? what grade?  will there be enough to freeze, as this is the whole point of cycling with 2 EDs we thought this may increase our chances of having some frozen, even more interestingly in our house hold as I being a flight attendant just flew back in from sydney and my partner is flying out on business tomorrow for the weekend, so when we hear from our clinic we won't be in the same city! Thank goodness for my amazing mother! We are keeping very positive thoughts and vibes and sending them out into the universe.  


  1. We ar sending positive thoughts right back at you!!! I have a great feeling about all this-- cant't wait to hear some positive news in 2 weeks time!

  2. Best wishes for your 2nd attempt! It's not an easy journey is it?!


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