Sunday, 13 November 2011

The Next Step .......

So the next step...... always a hard question?  but we discussed it as a couple and decided it would be best if we picked ourselves up, shook ourselves off and found out our options available to us! so that is what we did......

So on the 13th of October we sent an email to the clinic asking them what options we had?. Through out our ups and downs of our last cycle the clinic and our client liason manger had been nothing but sympathic, honest, supportive and quick with the communication, so of course this time was no different. With the help of the amazing people involved, we were able to have confirmed our next cycle by the 15th of October 2011.

We did so much talking about the various options available to us, but this time we deiceded to cycle with 2 beautiful Indian EDs. We felt that it would be a nice way to connect with my partner's heritage as his mother was from India. We also thought cycling with 2 egg donors we would have a higher chance of having embryos to freeze. For us as a couple it is not about wheather it is my gentic child or his gentic child it is about the symbol over passing on your genes and leaving a part of you on this earth when you leave the earth they will all be treated the same and loved with all of our hearts and given every opportunity in the world we can possibly give them as they will be our family. For us having them at the same time would be a good thing for us as they would be able to all support each other thourgh everything life could throw at all of them and it would also be great to have a big family.... So our next cycle was all planned for the 23th/24th/25th of November for egg collection and shortly thereafter for embryo transfer. We are on our way again and very excited.

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