Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Let us begin.......

It all started when we were first met.... I always wanted the opportunity to have children but finding your soul mate was the hard bit. When I first met my partner I knew instantly he was the one. We connected on so many levels  both being so motivated, driven and had achieved a lot for our ages in our careers. My Partner has his own law firm, was a deputy mayor for a local council for some time and an active member on various boards, Myself I am Cabin manger with an Australian based airline, and also sit on a board within the airline meeting with stake holders in the business just to keep things interesting.  We live in a beautiful part of Perth and have a passion for Fitness, Organic food and I'm very much a clean, organized, everything in its place kind of guy (yes should make for a very interesting household with children one day I know!!).

So we were sitting there watch the TV one night ( this rarely happens in our house hold ) around 15th of July 2011 and we saw a show on the horrible banning of international surrogacy in NSW. We had talked about having children and the plan was for 2014 we would begin our journey, however with this law being passed in NSW we decided it would be best to act quickly as who knows what could happen in the future with other states and the commonwealth government laws. We both have dreamed of having a family and didn't want to miss out on this opportunity. So we thought why wait? So over the next weeks I researched every site for surrogacy, clinics, USA vs India, flights, accommodation, frequent flyer flights, other couples that had done this, we even brought a white board and hosted family meeting with my family to have there input, my mother is a very hands of parent she reminds me of the mother from brother and sisters the TV show, she plans to a very hands on Nona (as she is too young to be called grandma) and has been supporting us through ever part of this process, we have to also mention my sister who has just been amazing. So armed with all this information I compiled  2 files of paper work with all my research. It began to become a worry reading stories about using bad clinics, the expense of America, Success rates, Embryos, Egg donation with not having much of a clue we decided on my Annual leave which is was coming up in Sept/ Oct we would fly to these clinics and meet with clinics in India before flying on the America and see what felt best. It was a crazy idea now that we look back our plan but we just didn't seem to find much support or other couples that had done it before and we wanted to be as well informed as we could be.

Then on the 30th of July I was sitting on my laptop just before heading to bed and I came across a website by the name of medical tourism., It said "enter your email for a free pamphlet on surrogacy" so after weeks of research I decided well it couldn't hurt. This was the BEST DECISION of our lives. We received an email with a loads of information on clinics in India and then it was followed up by a second email from International Client Manger that works for a Clinic in New Delhi. It was just meant to be, we felt so at ease not any of our questions was too big or too small her attention to detail was second to none, her communication was instant, we felt as if she was like an angel send from heaven, we then knew we had then found our clinic. The RELIEF.....

We chose to cycle with a beautiful Caucasian egg donor ( will now be referred to as ED) and 2 surrogate mothers ( will now be referred to as SMs) and split the eggs, fertilizing half with my genetics and the other half with my partners, so our children would have a biological link . The clinic even help put us in touch with an egg donor agency. Where we dealt with an amazing women, she was just fantastic, we couldn't believe our luck she was open, honest, up front about all, her communication was also instant which also puts your at ease in this very stressful time. The EDs travel in groups the next group was travelling around the end of September 2011. This meant we had to yet again act quickly, with the help of that amazing women I was just talking about, we manged to organize the whole thing in time and selected the most Beautiful ED. The next step was to write the email to this truly wonderful women this was not easy, I mean finding the words that show you how much this process means to you as a couple and how grateful you feel, are just so hard to find. We had to tears of joy as well as relief when she accepted her beautiful words were just one of the most heart felt, emotional times in our lives. These women that gladly chose to donate there eggs  for couples, they have never and will never meet are the most admirable, giving, loving, genuine, inspirational women in the world, and will always have special places in our hearts.

Then came the time to organise visas, booking flights and accommodation, working out our best options for to fit our schedule that was given by the clinic. It all seems like we were rushing to get everything done and for someone who is so organised I did find this a little confronting, never the less on the Thursday the 22nd of September our journey began by boarding the Singapore Airlines flying to Delhi via Singapore.

Arriving in Delhi at 530 am was not one of my finest moment I have been flying for quiet a few years and let me tell you, you never get used to time zone change or the horror flights as we Cabin crew like to call them, (meaning a flight through the night). I really began to wonder how an earth I have been able to smile for this many years feeling like death warmed up ..... but never the less it was a happy welcome to Delhi.

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